Avramidis S.A. is a Construction Engineering Company. Established in 1953, our company closes 58 years of continuous operation and provision of roads in the area of earthmoving and asphalt work in public and private projects. Starting as a family business in 1953 in the area of earthworks and road construction and turned in February 2004 in a S.A. company with principal shareholder Mr. Evangelos Avramidis. Avramidis S.A. consolidated in the asphalt business gaining a large share of that kind of work with excellent business reputation and credibility that we earned through the implementation of projects throughout the island of Crete.

The company is located in the Industrial Area of Heraklion at owned facilities and has an asphalt factory and a factory producing concrete. The founders envisioned a modern company that combines experience with excellent organization and high quality services.

Our long experience, the qualified personnel and modern equipment, emphasizes to the proper organization of each project and in the compliance of the schedules and specifications.

Avramidis S.A. is composed of a large fleet of equipment which is updated regularly with continuous improvement in products and new methods and with the skilled staff strives to serve the customer by examinating his needs and by the competitive prices that we offer.

The basic principles of our company are:

Our goal is the company to have a leading position in the area and our brand name become synonymous to quality.

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